Catherine of Lancaster’s devotion to Mary and the Influence of Middle English Annunciation Verse.

TWOMEY, Lesley K., «Catherine of Lancaster’s devotion to Mary and the Influence of Middle English Annunciation Verse», en Antonio Chas Aguión, ed., Corte y poesía en tiempos de los primeros Trastámara castellanos: lecturas y relecturas, Berlín, Peter Lang, pp. 91-113. ISBN: 978-3-631-88241-2.


This chapter examines the devotion to the Annunciation of John of Gaunt, Catherine’s father both through his membership of the Brotherhood of the Annunciation and through his donations to and founding of institutions named for Our Lady. It will also compare the relative importance of the feast of the Annunciation in both England and Castile. In the second part of the chapter the rich offering of Middle English Annunciation poetry (with its long history from Anglo-Saxon times) will open to a study of the presence of the Annunciation in the Cancionero de Baena, and its main genres: Biblical rendering of the Annunciation in vernacular lyric, the Annunciation as the first of the Virgin’s joys, rural settings in the Annunciation, and macaronic verse. It will also compare these themes to the same ones in Castilian and Galician verse prior to Baena’s compilation. Among its conclusions it proposes that influence of the poetry from the same period could have contributed to structuring the Cancionero de Baena, given Catherine’s family interest in the Annunciation.